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bra online shop in Kolkata

bra online shop in Kolkata

Buy exotic bras from online bra shops in Kolkata. Know what a wired and non-wired bra is. Embrace wired bras for extra oomph without compromising quality & comfort.

Online lingerie stores in India are a blessing to most women. Initially, bra shopping was difficult with the basic ones on display only-no variations at all. But now we have access to the prettiest and stylish innerwear that was only in our dreams earlier. 

Non-Wired Bras:-

Wireless bras are most commonly known as soft-cupped bras as they are completely made of fabric. They do not have any rigid or hard wiring. For daily usage, these are more preferable as they provide ultimate comfort. So what you enjoy is the purest of fabrics that are stretchy and do not stick coarsely to the skin. 

Wired Bras:-

A wired bra has a rigid wire sewn under the cups in order to give better support and a better grip. Underwire bras are pretty popular in women with a heavy bust as these bras provide maximum support, reduces back pain, and make you feel comfortable for the rest of the day. In addition, underwire bras provide better lift and accentuate your curves pretty well. 

Underwire Bra Hacks:-

Why do women in spite of being attracted to under-wired bras running away from it? Women love wired bras but still shy away from these. Why?  There are certain concerns about underwire bras that are also, reasons why women are keeping away. 

  • Uncomfortability:- The most basic problem that women encounter while purchasing an underwire bra is that they are uncomfortable and digs into the skin. Red marks and scratches are also a rising concern. 
  • Solution:– Ladies stop wearing an incorrect bra size. Or you can be wearing the wrong style for your body type. If you feel caged, your bra is too small. Even the red marks can be a reason for wearing a bra with the right circumference.
  1. Not Enough Coverage:– Some women who are heavier on the top complain that underwire inner cloth are not providing enough coverage. More so, the tightness and the excessive group is causing more skin show.
  2. Solution:– This is also a sign of improper size. Measure your size correctly. Check twice if need be. Choose a wired bra such that the wire completely encompasses the breast tissue from the central panel under the tilt of your armpits. 

While wearing an underwire bra some women face that there is no grip from the bra straps. On top of that,  these bra straps seem to constantly drop down and eventually peeks out from your outfit.

Solution: It is time for you to change the bra. There is no clearer answer to this. In fact, you should also, change your innerwear every six months. 

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